Let’s Encrypt 证书显示 It seems the CA server is busy now 解决方法

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今天在使用 lnmp1.6 版本创建站点的时候,发现 SSL 不能自动生成了,重试了好几次也不行,突然意识到,可能是脚本出问题了,于是发现真的是Let’s Encrypt 官方升级了。

今天在使用 lnmp1.6 版本创建站点的时候,发现 SSL 不能自动生成了,重试了好几次也不行,突然意识到,可能是脚本出问题了,于是发现真的是Let's Encrypt 官方升级了。

It seems the CA server is busy now, let's wait and retry.


看信息就能定位到是Let's Encrypt的问题,但是究竟是什么呢,去官网看了下,主要还是升级了 API 接口:

Today we have transitioned to a new CDN for the Production API. The change should already be visible worldwide. We expect that this change will not affect any client software.
We had previously made this transition for the Staging API: New CDN for the Staging API
With the new CDN, we have the opportunity to terminate TLS ourselves. The most visible change will be that the API will present a different TLS certificate. This will validate normally. We’ll also be able to make more agile ciphersuite changes in the future.
If you notice changes to API availability or behavior, please bring this to our attention here in the community forum. Thank you!



cd /usr/local/acme.sh
acme.sh --upgrade


然后你会发现,就能愉快的创建站点并自动生成 SSL 证书与自动更新 SSL 证书了。



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